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Program Participation Scholarship Information

Turner Recreation Commission believes that recreation programs are a significant part of the quality of life for our community citizens as well as the development of children.  We believe that investing in children is an investment in the future of the Turner Community and believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate in recreation programs.  Therefore, we are making opportunities available for children to participate in educational, recreational, and youth classified programs at a reduced rate.  Scholarships are not available for various programs including all-day outs, before & after, spring break camp, summer camp, swimming lessons, etc.

Parents or guardians that are Turner Community residents may apply at the Community Center by filling out an application.  Use the income chart below to determine if you are eligible for a waiver.  There are up to 3 scholarships available per program, per classification. 

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Applicants must reside within the Turner School District #202 boundaries. The parent/guardian must provide proof of residency.  (i.e. driver’s license, BPU bill, etc.)
  2. Scholarships are available to ages 17 and under only.
  3. Applicants must verify their total family annual income by providing their tax return from the previous year. (W-2’s will not be accepted in place of your tax return).
  4. Applicants must be willing to volunteer 4-6 hours for TRC.
  1. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications are date/time stamped as we receive them and are not based on the date they were mailed. Applications are reviewed by the TRC Scholarship Committee.
  2. Scholarships are limited to funding availability. When the scholarship fund reaches a zero balance for the fiscal year, no more scholarships will be provided. 
  3. Scholarships may not be given for every program.
  4. Scholarship applications must be submitted to the TRC Community Center Business Office by the 1st of each month. The TRC Scholarship Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month to approve scholarships. Please be mindful of the registration deadline to avoid the late fee.
  5. Your child can get free or reduced fees if your household income is within the limits on the Income Criteria (please see below for income criteria). Foster children may receive reduced fees.
  6. Scholarships will only be granted for recreation programs sponsored by the Turner Recreation Commission.
  7. Limits for scholarships are based on the number of free and 50% scholarships provided.
  8. Recipients of a 100% scholarship for a program are assessed a uniform fee. Recipients of a 50% scholarship do not have a co-pay.
  9. Scholarship recipients must follow all Turner Recreation Commission rules, regulations, and policies. Failure to do so will result in the participant losing the scholarship and loss of privileges.
  10. In the event, all scholarships are utilized during a TRC Activities Guide programming period or a financial hardship has occurred within a household; parents have the option of contacting TRC to discuss volunteer opportunities to offset the cost of programming.
Upon Approval of Your Application:
  1. To use your scholarship, the scholarship recipient (parent or guardian of children) must go to the Turner Recreation Commission business office during regular business hours and make the request.
  2. Parents must complete all applicable registration/waiver forms for each activity or program that the children wish to participate in.
  3. Please note that the TRC Community Center customer service staff cannot issue “free passes” or approve scholarship applications without prior authorization from the TRC Scholarship Committee.
Income Criteria
  Free Program Pay 50% of Program
Household Size Annual Gross Income Annual Grose Income
1 NA  
2 $19,240 $26,420
3 $25,900 $32,710
4 $32,560 $39,000
5 $39,220 $46,290
6 $45,880 $53,580
7 $52,540 $60,870
  + $6,660 for each additional household member + $6,660 for each additional household member
*A household is defined as “head of household” and dependents that reside in the same house and claimed on the same tax return.

If you meet all of these requirements and can provide a copy of your tax return along with a copy of parent/guardian identification please click here for the program scholarship application.