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Future Projects

TheTRC strategic plan is to grow the Turner Recreation Commission. Our goal is to increase facilities and services offered to our community. By doing this we can ensure that TRC meets the needs of individuals, families and the Turner Community everyday.


  • Improve communication and awareness of TRC programs and facilities.
  • Coordinate efforts with other recreation providers and supporters to ensure effective and efficient provision of services and use of facilities.
  • Continue to renovate, improve and add safety features.
  • Ensure adequate funding, staffing levels and structure for optimal provision of facilities and programs.
  • Provide safe, quality, affordable, accessible and diverse program opportunities to all residents of Turner.
  • Ensure the continual maintenance of TRC parks and facilities.
  • Create, fund, and implement a plan that will meet the necessary needs of the Turner Community.
  • Seek alternative funding sources to assist in implementing the goals, guidelines and capital projects of the TRC Strategic Plan.