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How to Register for a Program

Step 1  Go to www.TurnerRecreation.org and click “Online Registration” in the top menu bar.  step1 A
Step 2 Enter your account information in the “Existing users” box then press “Log in Step2 B
Step 3 Press the yellow “Click here to register” button Step3 B
Step 4 Select the yellow "Continue" button next to the Sports and Programs option CP new step
Step 5 Ensure your emergency contact information is accurate! Once that is done press “continue Step4 B
Step 6 Look through the active programs, when you find the program you want click “show sessions” then “add to cart” or just press “add to cart

**Only programs with active registrations will be shown. Non-active (including past and future) programs will not be available for purchase**
Step5 B
Step 7 Select all your family members that you would like to register into the program then click "save"

**pro tip- you can add multiple family members into the same program here 
Step6 B
Step 8 Once you have added all programs and you are ready to complete your purchase scroll to the top of your page and click “checkout” in the top right-hand corner.  Step7 B
Step 9 You must agree to the medical release and refund policy then e-sign once you have done that press “Continue Step8 B
Step 10 Review your order and fill out your payment method. Once you have your information filled out press "Continue"

Note: There is no additional fee to pay by credit card
Step9 B
Step 11 On the next page review your order and payment details. Once you have reviewed everything and are ready to finalize your order click "Finish" Step10 B
Step 12 You're done! 
You will get a receipt and confirmation of your purchase sent to your e-mail.
Be sure to check your e-mail for program updates.
  Do you still have questions about registration? 
Give us a call at (913)287-2111