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How to Create an Account in Community Pass

Step 1 Go to  www.TurnerRecreation.org and click “Online Registration” in the top menu bar. step1 A
Step 2 Click the blue box labeled  “Create An Account”. step 2 A
Step 3 Fill out the entire sign up form, be sure to remember your username and password- this is how you will access your account in the future.
Also, be sure to give a valid e-mail, this is how you will get receipts and program notifications!
When you are finished click “Create
step 3 A
Step 4 Read through our privacy policy  and click “Accept”  then press “Finish step 4 A
Step 5 You're Done!
Once you finish the registration process you will be brought to your account homepage!
From here you can register for programs, view and pay balances, view your account, and more!
To view a step-by-step guide on how to register for programs click here.
step5 A