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Step-by-Step Guide for Rental Requests

Step 1  Go to www.TurnerRecreation.org and click “Online Registration” in the top menu bar.  step1 A
Step 2 Enter your account information in the “Existing users” box then press “Log in Step2 B
Step 3 Press the yellow “Click here to register” button Step3 B
Step 4 Select the orange "continue" button next to Indoor Facility Rental Rental - step 4
Step 5 Verify the account information is accurate! Once that is done press “continue rentals 5
Step 6 Verify your e-mail address, once that is done press "continue"

*note: all permits, confirmations, receipts, and other pertinent rental information will be sent to this e-mail*
rental 6
Step 7 Select which facility you would like to rent by clicking the circle button next to the facility (shown at cursor #1)

Once you select your facility click the orange "continue" button (shown at cursor #2

**pro-tip: you can click the blue "details" button to get more information on each facility**
rental 7
Step 8 Select the date and time you would like to reserve the facility!
1- Select a start date AND end date
2- Check the box next to the day of the week 
3- Select what start time AND end time you would like
4- Include any comments you might have
5- Input the number of attendees you will have at your rental

**pro-tip: you can check the facilities availability by clicking the red "availability" button**
reantal 8
Step 9 Select any additional options you want to be included in your rental set-up. Once you have that included select the orange "Continue" button rental 9
Step 10 Read through the rental agreement form

Once you have read through the entire form complete the bottom of the form.

Once this is complete click the orange "continue" button
rental 10
Step 11 Read through and agree to all of our policies and agreements and click the box next to them to agree 

Type your name to electronically sign the forms

Once that is complete click the orange "continue" button
rental 11
Step 12 Read through all of your reservation details.

If everything looks good, click the orange "continue" button
rental 12
Step 13 Look over your rental registration and price estimate

Once this is done click the orange "Finish" button.

**Note: this is a pricing ESTIMATE pricing may change based on party size and rental usage
**Note: this does NOT confirm your rental date and time, you will receive an approval e-mail once your rental has been approved
rental 13
Step 14
Your rental will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a TRC representative once your request has been approved or denied.

Submitting a rental request DOES NOT guarantee your rental

Rentals are guaranteed once they approved by TRC, paid for, and a rental permit is given
  Do you still have questions about rentals? 
Give us a call at (913)287-2111